Reinventing the Online Presence of a New York Economic Mobility Firm


The Economic Mobility Corporation (“Mobility”) approached Gordian seeking a refresh of their portfolio site. Mobility is a leader in the world of economic research, with decades of experience conducting effective and instructive workforce efficacy research. The goal of the website was to translate this extensive experience into a succinct online presence.


Improving on what works

The goal wasn’t to revolutionize Mobility’s image, but rather augment it with a modern touch. For example, we decided to use Mobility’s green stripe logo as a guiding design motif and integrate a running green stripe throughout the website.



You can see the completed website here. The website is clean and effective. The result is both modern and modest, and a true representation of Mobility’s presence. Even more, the website has resulted in some impressive numbers:

  • Over 400 users, with over 800 page views in the first month.
  • Increase twitter and email engagement through the new site.