Setti Warren for Governor: Crafting the Digital Platform for the Largest Grassroots Movement in Massachusetts History


Setti Warren is a leading candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race.  His campaign set its sights on leading “the largest grassroots campaign in Massachusetts history” to defeat a tough Republican incumbent.  Warren’s campaign promotes progressive values and highlights Setti Warren’s experience as Mayor of Newton, Massachusetts.

Gordian Digital worked with the Setti Warren campaign to build a campaign website that integrated fundraising and volunteer platforms with an energetic design.  Since launch, the website has drawn heavy traffic as a key component of the campaign’s digital strategy and improved engagement with volunteers and donors.


A good campaign website tells the personal and professional story of a candidate and encourages voters, volunteers, and donors to support the campaign.  During our brainstorming process, these were the core challenges we addressed.

  1. Create a logo and brand that fits a progressive campaign theme.
  2. Showcase the candidate and his vision for a better Commonwealth.
  3. Build the website on a platform that could integrate email, volunteer, and donation platforms and be expanded in the future.

Process and Solutions

Designing for Change

We created an initials stylebook which then went through several rounds of edits and iterations. The resulting logo is simple, yet effective. The logo utilizes modern typography to emphasize Setti Warren’s position as a candidate who looks to the future. We chose a corresponding color palette that consists of bright reds and blues that stand out when viewed both digitally and in print.

Two different versions of the Setti Warren logo as they appear in the finalized style book


An Inspiring Digital Presence

Our next challenge was to take the visual language we created and translate it into an engaging website. We chose a picture of the candidate standing in front of his home in Newton, MA with Setti Warren’s bold message overlaid on top of it. We also chose a menu design that encourages direct citizen engagement. The final website calls on visitors to donate and volunteer with the campaign, encouraging further grassroots engagement.

The final website’s home page

An Evolving Platform

Campaigns evolve, and so should their websites.  We built an easy-to-use website so that the Setti Warren digital team could quickly post content critical to the campaign.  Our second priority was to make sure that our CMS (content management system) would be easy to build on in the future.  A campaign might start with a home page at the beginning of the primary, but need to build other components once the race heats up– like an issues page, an endorsements page, or a quick donate platform.  Gordian is continuing to work with the Setti Warren campaign to build these tools as the campaign grows and succeeds in the 2018 election cycle.


Since the campaign’s launch in May 2017, the website is drawing improved volumes of visitors, donations, and volunteer signups. The strong digital presence we helped design is helping the campaign gain new momentum as it spreads its progressive message throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts