Canvas and Crumpets: Rethinking the Design of an Up-And-Coming NYC Arts Blog


Canvas and Crumpets is the digital publication for up-and-coming NYC art blogger Chloe Hyman.  When Hyman wanted to build a website that matched the professionalism of her gallery reviews and art critique, she started a dialogue with Gordian Digital about her project ideas.  

The end result was a tailor-made platform for Canvas and Crumpets that actualized the author’s design ideas, preserved her catalogue of past content, and created an easy pathway to publish new content.

Helping Bring a Vision to Life

Hyman is building a name among legends in the New York City art scene.  She had a specific and elaborate vision for her website and blog should look like.  Our mission was to bring that vision to life.

The biggest challenge we faced was preserving the aesthetic of the site across different platforms and making sure the design was functional.  That meant balancing artistry with practicality.  In particular, we focused on mobile functionality and organizing the content of the site so that it was great for search engines and driving traffic.  One last hurdle was preserving the blogger’s content from her old website and making sure it fit the format of Canvas and Crumpets’ new platform.

Initial Sketches for the site provided by Canvas and Crumpets

Final Website design at


  • The new website resulted in 105% increase in unique page views per month when compared with the four months before launch.
  • The new website also had a 14% increase in unique visitors, and visitors were spending more time on the site.
  • Ms. Hyman was invited to gallery openings through the site just a day after launch.
  • Notable industry figures have signed up to the site’s mailing list.