Revitalizing the Digital Image of New York’s PlugIn Stations Online


Gordian was approached by PlugIn Stations Online (PISO) at a time of explosive growth. PISO was already one of the largest Electric Charging station installers in North Eastern US, and the orders were pouring in. Yet, despite PISO’s business success, PISO’s website was a poor representation of their incredible growth – basic items like a contact form and client map were entirely non-functional. So, we got to work.


Unconventional Impact

First thing first, we had to understand how to best showcase PISO’s impact. We had two realizations:

  • PISO’s work is very geographically impressive, with installations all across NY state.
  • PISO has also worked with a wide variety of organizations. Translating this variety is crucial.

What we landed on was a design that emphasized these two significant aspects of PISO’s work.


A Website is for Everyone

Every client has a unique set of needs, and PISO was no different. The website didn’t only need to include an overarching view of PISO’s impact, but also detailed information about the technology PISO was using. This information was to be used by both employees and potential customers. Presenting both marketing and technical information in tandem proved to be a unique and interesting challenge.


Flexibility of Message and Technology

Like every website, we wanted to allow the PISO’s online presence to grow with the company. That said, to truly present PISO’s message, we had to diverge from the simplistic options offered by out-of-the-box CMSes like WordPress. We decided to try something new. As a result, PISO was our first experience using [DjangoCMS], a modern and powerful content management system. Django CMS has opened our eyes to the potential of modern content management systems, and the incredible value they can provide users and clients alike.



You can see the completed website here. The website is clean and effective. In its first couple weeks, it has already garnered dozens of users, and has impressed visitors from all across the US. PISO’s new online presence distinguishes it from competitors as a digital leader keeping ahead of the curve.